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Wavelength Music has a dedicated team of Guitar builders and repairers (luthiers).
This team is headed up by Steve Gaines of "Lost Planet Guitars"

Have your guitar set up and adjusted by a Professional, and get it playing and sounding the way it ought to and the way you like – give yourself an edge. More pleasure, more creativity, and possibly more work all stem from having a guitar (or any other tool for that matter) that does what you want, when you want.

Perhaps you’re not happy with the “action” on your acoustic, or that annoying buzz on your electric. Maybe your 1968 Fender Jaguar with a bound edge rosewood fingerboard needs re-fretting and re-spraying? Any guitar related problems can usually be resolved with the minimum of fuss and delay – turnaround is quite quick.
Steve Gaines has been a full-time Luthier for over 25 years – this doesn’t sound long when you say it quickly, but that’s every day, and during that time he has worked on some of the world’s most exotic and rare guitars – Steve has also made a few of his own. These days most of his workload consists of repair and restoration and he is also pleased to be associated with Wavelength Music.

A full time repairman will have as much training time and investment in tools as any mechanic, and workshop overhead costs are on par with those of any other profession, so if you take your instrument to a professional shop, expect to pay professional rates. And expect professional work.

Please note that Steve Gaines is self-employed within Wavelength Music, and as such any queries must be taken up with him and not directed to the shop. Steve can be contacted by E-mail here or you can call him on 07956874470