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Acoustic Repairs

  Re-string...6 strings - £10.00 + strings
              ...12 string - £15.00 + strings
Re-string guitar with same gauge strings, freeboard clean and oil and general clean and polish. Note that if guitar is strung with different gauge strings, it may need a set-up owing to the different tension on the neck.

      Set-up ... 6 strings - £35.00 + strings.
      Set up ...12 string - £40.00 + strings
Includes action adjustment to customer spec; intonation set correctly (with a Conn Strobotuner ), fret polish, nut slot height adjustment, bridge saddle adjusted, truss rod adjustment for correct relief according to customers playing style, fret board clean & oil  and body general clean up & polish.  Includes labour charge for fitting some small parts such as skeleton jack sockets on electro acoustics etc, (you just pay for the part).  Also, feel free to drop back in to tweak the set up if you find that it’s not quite right for you or if the guitar has acclimatized to your home and moved slightly.

  Fret levelling ... £55.00 + strings.
Frets levelled, re-profiled and polished. This takes out any dips and flat spots on the frets and will get rid of buzzes and dead-sounding notes. Loose and “sprung” frets glued back down and sharp fret ends rounded and polished off. Please note that this will, obviously, lower the overall fret height as all of them have to be taken down to the lowest dip in any one fret. This operation includes a full set-up as above.

  New Nut...£35.00 + material
New nut cut in Bone – the only material for acoustic guitars! Other materials can be used at customer’s request, and cheap plastic ones bought “out of the box” can be fitted for less. For 12 string guitars add £10.00
New Saddle...£35.00 + material
New saddle cut in Bone. B string “lean-back” saddles and fully intonated 12-string saddles will cost more – please call 07956874470 for prices.

  Install “Under Saddle” Pickup...£40.00 - £100.00

. Expand endpin hole to accommodate jack. Wire pickup to pre-amp and jack. Fit and re-size old saddle(s) for proper action and contact with pickup. May require new saddle(s) and re-rout of saddle slot (additional). There are other variables relating to pre-amps which must be individually quoted. Condition of bridge and neck angle may be factors in the appropriate fitting of an under the saddle pickup.

  Re-Fret... Various prices – see below.
  Rosewood and Ebony board...£135.00 + strings
  Bound Edge...as above + £30.00
  Gibson-style “nubs”...as both above + £40.00
Existing frets are removed, the board cleaned and trued up, and new frets are pressed in and finished off to above factory spec. Necks with bound edges will cost more due to the extra work involved, and fret boards where the fret end is covered (Gibson style “nubs”) will be considerably more. Lacquered Maple boards have to be re-finished and this is reflected in the price. All Re-Fret jobs include a full set-up, although the guitar may require a new nut due to extra fret height.

  Headstock/ Neck Repairs...From £60.00

Guitars will, unfortunately, get damaged in the course of their life and headstocks seem to take the brunt of that damage. Guitars with an angled head, such as Gibson and Martin for example, are very weak at this point – particularly if they have a Truss-Rod adjustment cavity on the face of the headstock. Over the years Steve has repaired many hundreds of broken necks and feels confident that he can repair yours, no matter how bad you think it is!

There are of course many factors concerned with how much the repair will cost – is the headstock still attached to the guitar? Is there wood missing? Is the Logo damaged? Is Binding damaged?
For these reasons the following prices are guides only, as the instrument really needs to be seen to make a full assessment.

  Re-Glue and Set-up...£60.00
  Re-Glue with splines...£135.00

The above prices will include as much minor cosmetic work as can be managed and a full set-up. The repair will be smooth and the joint is guaranteed.
Further cosmetic re-finishing making the repair almost invisible will be quoted for on an individual basis.

  Re-Glue Bridge...£75.00

Remove and refit old bridge. Very minor touch-up included. (12 string bridges- add £25.00).

  Neck Re-Set...£200.00 +

Remove neck. Re-cut heel/body angle to correct a high action. Replace neck. New saddle included, but new nut will be extra. Additional fret work and bridge work may also be necessary.

  Crack Repair...from £25.00 per inch

or by quote (particularly for shattered areas). Includes glue and brush touch-up with appropriate finish. Cleating (installing small patches of wood inside guitar to reinforce repair) as necessary. Repairs are often not invisible.

  Loose or Cracked Brace...from £40.00

Diagnose and repair cracked or loose brace through sound hole, if possible. If not, the back of the guitar will have to be removed and the brace replaced. This can be very time consuming and therefore expensive, and is probably not an economical repair on an inexpensive guitar, unless the instrument has sentimental value for instance.