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Electric Repairs

Electrics  (inc. Bass)

Re-String...6 strings - £10.00 + strings
               ...Rickenbacker 12 string type - £25.00 + strings

As per Acoustic.

Set-Up... Guitars without Floyd Rose...£35.00 + Strings

As for Acoustic set-up, plus set vintage style trem to customer specs.

Set-up... Guitars with Floyd Rose...£40.00 + strings

As above plus balance and lock trem system for string gauge fitted.

Neck Re-Set – Bolt on type...£50.00 + strings

Includes set-up for types above.

 Diagnose Electrical Problem...

Workshop minimum bench rate (£15.00) most workshops will charge a minimum to diagnose electrical problems, even if work is not performed. Time is money!

Replace Jack Socket...£15.00 plus part

Replace Pickup...£20.00 per pickup +parts

Replace Vol/Tone Pot... £15.00 per part, plus part

Rout new Pickup Pocket...£30.00 PLUS install pickup price

Replace Switch...£15.00 - £30.00 per switch, plus part.

Note: Arch top guitars will often incur a £40.00 surcharge to remove and re-install wiring harness for all electrical work.